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Supporting beneficial decentralization technologies.

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Meet the Team

Greg Slepak

Greg Slepak (board member)

Greg likes turtles, especially the okay kind. He also likes software, security, and nonsense. You can find him on the Fediverse and twitter.

Andrea Devers

Andrea Devers (board member)

Andrea is acting secretary of the okTurtles Foundation, and also an aspiring software developer with interests in finding solutions to social problems.

Simon Grondin

Simon Grondin (board member)

Simon is a backend dev interested in networking, concurrent and parallel programming. He joined the DNSChain project after it became clear that his part-time project, Unblock.us.org was a perfect fit for DNSChain.

Will Stanley

Will Stanley

Will Stanley is a web designer and developer. He makes sure the website looks good and works well!

John Light

John Light

John is working with the okTurtles Foundation on fundraising efforts, including grant writing and crowdfunding. He can be reached through any of the methods listed on his OpenName profile.

In Memory Of

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was a humanitarian genius who did more for mankind in his brief 26 years on this planet than most accomplish in their entire lifetime. He was the principal source of inspiration for our work on DNSChain and DPKI.

Jonathan James

Jonathan James was a friend from whom Greg first learned what a MITM attack was. Of note, both Jonathan and Aaron appear to have been pursued by the same federal prosecutor.