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Click the turtle in your to "MITM-proof" your message.

poo on paying for ssl certs

Never pay for an SSL certificate again. Paying a company to generate an SSL certificate for you is madness, especially when you're asked to pay every year and are given a certificate that doesn't do what it's supposed to do: provide your visitors with security. Companies that sell SSL certificates mislead their customers into believing that these certificates protect browser-server communication from all eavesdropping and tampering. As elaborated in our paper, this simply isn’t true today.

DNSChain = Real Ownership. Say good-bye to identity theft and domain theft.

Say good-bye to identity theft and "domain seizures". Thanks to DNSChain (Namecoin-powered DNS), your online identity actually belong to you. That is, when someone visits your website, they can be assured that it actually belongs to you, and won't be stolen from you.1 Protection from identity theft is provided because when someone uses okTurtles/DNSChain to communicate with you, they don't have to worry that they're communicating with an imposter, or that there's a "man in the middle" recording the entire conversation. Protection from domain seizures (government-sanctioned theft) is an inherent property of DNSChain and Namecoin.